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Specializing in computer services and development, Fixer Wizard is here at your needs.

Our goal is to offer top priority service, at affordable rates, period. We believe in getting more than what you pay for, and thats exactly what we are here for. With over 10 years computing experience, services we deliver range from remote technical repair (we can service your pc remotely via an internet connection), website building, where as we can assist with creating the dream website your company/brand deserves, also app building (we can create an app for your business/website), which is growing increasingly with demand, as businesses rely more on internet traffic/technology, and programming/software engineering. Need a graphic animation? We do that as well! Fixer Wizard is a great reliable one stop shop for your web & tech needs.

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What we offer

Computer Repair Remote Technical Assistance

Having pesky computer issues? From the comfort of your home, office, or business we can get the job done remotely. Whether it be a slow pc, anti-virus protection installation, or computer virus removal as long as there is an active connection to the internet on the device, no job is too big, or small.

Web Design & Development

Need a website? Who doesn't these days? Have a website, but need to add tools to increase sales?
Why not?! Take your business to the next level and stay relevant to competitors by creating your site today. We design and build our sites from scratch, or we can go with a simple solution based on your site needs/functionality. Also, with our development experience we can build a custom plugin, or system for your site (ex: mailing list, blog system, content management, inventory management, appointment booking system, ect).

Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications are an excellent way to stay relevant with the competition! Have a mobile app built that your target market can easily access based on an existing website, any service, or ideas in mind.

Webmaster & SEO Services

Admin management for an exisiting website. We will upgrade/update your current site's structure, design, and or functionality at your request without the need to start from scratch.
Need to get found when searching the net? Let us assist with Search Engine Optimizing your website. The better a website's SEO, the more likely you are to be found while searching online, and if no one can find you, that can possibly have a negative imapact on business.

Software Engineering/Programming

Software & Programming Services to assist your company's needs. We can develop applications that automate tedious day-to-day computer based tasks to help increase your efficiency.
Custom program/applications can help to make your business more organized and allows you to focus on other things to help your company grow and earn more profits.

General Tech Support Assistance

Have a general tech based question or need assistance? Let's try to find a resolution for you!

Our Work

A few of the latests projects we have worked on and created

B.O.S.S. Set Entertainment

B.O.S.S. Set Entertainment

Web Development Complex

Bizarre Accessories

Bizarre Accessories

Web Development Complex

Hilendas Alluring Makeup

Hilendas Alluring Makeup

Web Development Complex

Room 2 House

Room 2 House

Web Development Complex

Customized Graphic Animations

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